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Meet LiveNX

LiveNX is a game changer. Gaining end-to-end visibility into network performance and proactively identify network issues proactively puts NetOps back in the driver’s seat with one unified Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics platform.


UX — User experience KPIs for cloud-native applications

Insight — Proactive insights based on analytics

Endpoint Agent — Endpoint visibility and control

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Gain end-to-end visibility into network performance

Multi-vendor, multi-fabric, multi-cloud performance monitoring.

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Proactively identify network issues

Analytics and alerts make NetOps teams instantly aware of meaningful changes.


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Easily troubleshoot and resolve issues across the entire network

Isolate problems quickly and accurately from multiple data source and API integrations for workflow optimization.


See How LiveAction Uniquely Solves Your Network Management Issues

Network Topology Maps

Are you still using static drawings to understand what’s connected to what? With LiveNX topology maps the sites, devices, interfaces, applications, VPNs and users are updated in real time for a current view of the network condition for rapid problem isolation and remediation.

As software defined environment introduce fabric overlays for agility and management, NetOps needs a way to visualize the VPNs, tunnels and service provider transport to assure service level agreements and key performance indicators (KPIs).

See how LiveNX delivers quick verification of policies, path quality, traffic routing and QoS for applications through the active notification of its status.

Accelerated Network Incident Resolution

The moment you receive a high severity Alert the clock starts ticking. Customers can’t access your web site and the company is potentially losing thousands if not millions of dollars an hour until the incident is resolved. When time is money, look to LiveNX for faster problem isolation and resolution.

With industry-leading Flow and Packet capture, analysis and visualization LiveNX proactively notifies NetOps of changing conditions, and a presents optimized workflows to isolate the problem across the organization with deep dives into packet analysis for root cause and resolution.

Network Reports

Organizations need custom and scheduled reports to present management with the status, key performance metrics, SLA issues, application conditions and more. LiveNX makes it easy to select custom dashboards, widgets, and reports for your organization.

Select the data sets from templates or create your own custom views with LiveNX. The flexible reporting options give you the information and insights needed to keep the important teams informed and engaged with accurate and timely reports.

LiveNX Use Cases

QoS Troubleshooting and Management

Maximize the value of Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) with LiveNX to ensure service delivery

Using LiveNX Versus CLI

Configuration of complex QoS policies via CLI is often error-prone and prohibitively time-consuming for most organizations. Utilize LiveNX to implement QoS and ensure mission-critical application performance.

Keys to a Successful QoS Deployment

  • Use GUI interface to generate CLI to optimize QoS policies w/Cisco Best Practices templates
  • Enable faster QoS deployments
  • Solve performance issues more efficiently

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Service Assurance

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Service Delivery Monitoring

Flexible Deployment Options

Flexible Deployment Options

LiveNX Server Appliance

LiveNX comes in various packages for easy deployment. The server package of LiveNX includes LiveUX, LiveInsight and LiveAgent modules, for a comprehensive all-in-one SD-WAN network performance monitoring platform.

SD-WAN: Plan, Deploy, Manage

Get the Most From Your SD-WAN Initiative

Ensure Quality Customer Experience and ROI

Moving to SD-WAN introduces a new network construct. This adds complexity to change management, end-to-end service policy enforcement, troubleshooting and incident resolution. It requires real-time visibility across the entire network.

Improve Application Performance and Reduce Costs

  • Deep understanding of application traffic with end-to-end flow visibility, QoS and path control
  • Dashboard and reports on traffic class/application
  • Alert threshold configuration and reports

Troubleshooting Voice and Video Applications

Accelerate Troubleshooting of Voice and Video Application Issues with LiveNX

Maintain Uptime of Business-Critical Collaboration, Unified Communications, and Voice and Video Applications

Video exposes any weaknesses in your network. The continued reliance on and popularity of video conferencing puts, even more, demands on your network.

Identify, Analyze, and Troubleshoot Underlying Performance Issues

Make QoS configuration changes easily and quickly

  • Improve user experience by delivering consistent quality and maintaining SLAs
  • Achieve faster issue resolution over traditional CLI troubleshooting

Bandwidth Management and Capacity Planning

Prepare For Network Needs, Now and Tomorrow

Who—or What—is Consuming All Your Bandwidth?

Without end-to-end network visibility, it can be difficult to know how much capacity is being used and understand bandwidth constraints so you can effectively plan your network capacity. You might be under- or over-provisioning resources, so you’re experiencing poor application performance or paying for more bandwidth than you need.

Live NX Takes the Guesswork Out of Capacity Planning and Bandwidth Management

  • Understand current resource usage by site, by application, by class, and more
  • Reduce cost by only paying for the bandwidth you need
  • Establish a baseline so you know how applications perform and avoid bandwidth depletion and negative application performance

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Service Delivery Monitoring

Application Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting

Improve End-User Experience with LiveNX

In-Depth Visibility of Application-Level Performance

Not knowing whether it’s a network or application issue can waste precious time to get to a resolution.

Summary Visibility and Drill Down to Applicable Flows

  • Full historical playback to identify application traffic pattern changes and bandwidth contention
  • Graphical reporting of QoS, AVC, Medianet, PerfMon, PfR, and IP SLA for faster troubleshooting

Situational Awareness for Network Security

Visibility and Insights to Protect Your Network

Prevent End User Problems Before They Occur

Multi-vendor equipment and cloud applications can leave gaps in network visibility. It also makes it difficult to know the source of suspicious traffic. To stop malicious traffic and hacks, you need visibility everywhere and the ability to perform forensics to determine the root cause.

You Can’t Stop What You Can’t See

  • Powerful insights from all your network and application data
  • Visualization of user behavior and traffic patterns necessary to detect, identify and block attackers while also remediating malicious traffic
  • Anomaly detection and DVR capability to identify events or observations that don’t conform to an expected pattern


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