Network Performance Management

Are you challenged to provide insights into applications and end users’ performance?

Applications Drive Organizational Productivity But Seeing the Details Is Nearly Impossible

More organizations are relying on SaaS and other cloud-based apps to keep business moving, but it’s difficult to see all network activity including applications and endpoints. A single platform can help you holistically manage your organization’s network performance end-to-end.

Improve User Experience

Drill down from an enterprise-wide topology map to a specific interface and application traffic to contextually see, analyze and proactively control the parameters that affect your user experience.

Simplify IT Operations

LiveNX provides a single, unified view into your entire network environment to better manage performance, dashboard and reporting on service levels metrics, encourage collaboration across organizations, and reduce operating costs by eliminating shelf-ware waste.

Faster Time to Resolution

Close incidents on the first call and avoid escalations. Bandwidth-intensive services, such as voice over IP, unified communications and multimedia websites require end-to-end capabilities to detect and fix issues fast. LiveNX provides full visibility to QoS policies and data path configurations, with insights into network devices and interface parameters so performance issues like jitter and packet loss are quickly identified and addressed.

Automated Dashboards and Reporting

Little or no visibility into end-to-end application behavior leaves your organization vulnerable to loss of productivity and disappointed customers. When Network and IT Operations lack the insight to know whether it’s the application or the network that’s degrading the experience, it results in finger pointing and a longer time to resolve the incident.

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